Wayne Altman

Episode # 209

From Tinnitus to Tranquility: The Healing Power of Binaural Beats

In this episode of The Alden Report, Wayne Altman shares his inspiring journey of creating Melody Clouds, a platform that has helped thousands of people find relief from tinnitus and promote relaxation and well-being.

Wayne’s personal struggle with tinnitus led him to discover the therapeutic benefits of binaural beats and music. However, he couldn’t find what he needed on existing subscription sites, which led him to collect tracks from producers worldwide and create Melody Clouds.

Today, Melody Clouds offers an extensive library of content, including binaural beats, music, guided meditations, audio books, solfeggio, nature sounds, calming, and relaxation sounds. With over 8000 hours of content translated into over 100 different languages, Melody Clouds has a global membership and continues to help people relax and learn.

Wayne’s dedication to enriching the lives of his customers and community is evident in his multiple online businesses, and he remains committed to sharing the healing and beneficial effects of this technology with everyone who wants it.

Thank you so much to Wayne for joining on The Alden Report.

For more information on Wayne Altman and his company, you can visit: https://melodyclouds.com