Want to Get Some Sleep? Avoid these Foods Before Bed

by bluevase

Many people have difficulty getting a proper amount of sleep. Believe it or not, this issue can often be at least partially blamed on late-night food choices. Listed below are some offerings that are best avoided before bedtime. 

Pizza: Who doesn’t like pizza? Then answer might be your stomach; research indicates that highly bothersome stomach aches and unpleasant bathroom trips can be triggered by acidic tomato sauce. 

Coffee: This one should be obvious. Coffee is synonymous with caffeine, an ingredient that will only make getting to sleep more difficult. 

Sugary Cereal: For many people, sugar-fueled cereals are a perfect midnight snack. Unfortunately, their sugary content can spike blood sugar levels, thereby adversely affecting sleep hormones. 

Spicy Foods: Spicy foods aren’t for everyone, such as those looking to get some shuteye. Specifically, they can disrupt sleeping patterns by causing upset stomach. 

Soda: These carbonated beverages are hardly the healthiest drinks. With their high levels of caffeine and sugar, sodas are likely to blame for many sleeping-related woes.

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