How to Change Course When Things Are Going South

by Lisa Gable

Is your once-thriving organization stuck? Is your team on life support, unable to deliver on its potential? Is your initiative or campaign limping along instead of sprinting ahead? Lisa Gable, turnaround mastermind, offers a clear-headed, straightforward method for getting you back on track.

For more than 30 years, Lisa Gable has been called to turnaround failing organizations—businesses, teams, nonprofits, political campaigns, and government projects—and solve seemingly intractable problems. From Silicon Valley to Washington DC, she’s seen it all. Over time, she’s learned the key to course-correct when things go South is applying the discipline of process engineering—carefully reevaluating everything your organization does and how it does it—with diplomacy and humanity, taking care of relationships and forging strong partnerships.

In Turnaround, Gable shares her simple but powerful method for breathing new life into the most troubled ventures:

  • Visualize the future—don’t fix what’s there; start from scratch.
  • Break down the present—ditch what isn’t working; keep what does. 
  • Create a path to your future—map out critical decision and actions needed.
  • Execute with confidence and diplomacy—speed up by partnering well with others.

At a time when dizzying innovation cycles, hyper competition, and a global pandemic have made survival more challenging than ever, Gable’s time-tested and industry-proof method will give you the tools to turn your ship around and a chart a course to success.

What people are sayings…

“A much-needed roadmap to the hardest of leadership challenges.”
— J. Alexander “Sandy” Douglas, CEO, Staples

“A clear guide to turning around any organization or program from the turnaround master.”
— Barbara McConnell Barrett, The 25th Secretary of the United States Air Force and former U.S. Ambassador to Finland

“The perfect synthesis of Gable’s strategies, which I have witnessed with great admiration for more than a decade.”
— Kimberly Reed, former Chairman of the Board of Directors, President, and CEO, Export-Import Bank of the United States

“A necessary read for anyone wishing to build bridges with others to create extraordinary results.”
— Ryozo Kato, former Japanese Ambassador to the U.S.

“An insightful and essential guide for any leader hoping to reinvent a business.”
— Elaine Chao, former U.S. Secretary of Transportation & U.S. Secretary of Labor & corporate board member

“A practical and down-to-earth guide to organizational change for not only seasoned leaders but also young professionals beginning their leadership journeys.”
— Marty Evans, retired Rear Admiral, United States Navy; former National Executive Director, Girl Scouts of the USA; and former President and CEO, American Red Cross

“Turnaround is a must read for anyone hoping to transform an organization.”
— Tim Smucker, Chairman Emeritus, The J.M. Smucker Co.

“If your organization or project needs a new direction, Lisa Gable offers a wealth of practical advice for how to change course. An eye-opening guide to a spectacularly hard topic.”

“When I need help solving a tough problem, Lisa Gable is always one of my first calls.”
— Auren Hoffman, CEO of SafeGraph

“A wise, engaging book on how to solve big, seemingly intractable problems.”
— David Bunning, Chairman, FARE Board of Directors and Private Investor

“Turnaround reveals how working with others is one of the most effective ways to course correct an organization that has lost its way.”
— Toshiaki (Tag) Taguchi, former President and CEO, Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

“Lisa Gable’s methodic and compassionate approach will help you transform even the most troubled of situations. A must read.”
— Kim Nelson, Independent Board Director, Colgate-Palmolive

“An incredibly practical and insightful book.”
— Heidi Roizen, Silicon Valley executive, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur

“If you are in a leadership role in any kind of business or organization, you should read this book.”
— Richard “Ric” Jurgens, Chairman Emeritus, Hy-Vee, Inc.

“Lisa Gable’s ability to solve difficult problems and transform any organization makes Turnaround a must-read.”

— Rob Reid, author and entrepreneur

“Lisa Gable’s proven guidance for turning around teams and organizations by applying a unique combination of discipline with diplomacy and humanity is unquestionable. This book is both timely and essential for any business or team wishing to successfully navigate the challenging times ahead.”

– Dov Baron, Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Inc #1 Podcast for Fortune 500 Executives

“Expertly written, well-organized, and accessible, Turnaround is an illuminating read for anyone tasked with improving a project or partnership.”

— Thomas Silvera, CST, Co-Founder and President of the Elijah-Alavi Foundation Inc.

“Lisa builds on a career straddling corporate, non-profit, and government sectors to make a positive difference in the lives of millions. That passion for impact shines through in her book.”

— Dr. Derek Yach, President of the Foundation for a Smokefree World, and former Cabinet Member of the World Health Organization

“If you need to solve a complex problem, Lisa Gable’s book is a must read. It provides a powerful framework for establishing trust, bringing partners to the table, and turning around any troubled venture.”
— Dr. Jerry Giaquinta, Academic Director for the World Bachelor in Business Program and Professor at USC Marshall School of Business

“Few people are better positioned to show us how to grapple with disruptive challenges and turn them into positive results than Lisa Gable. In Turnaround, she shares what she does brilliantly and intuitively and, in the process, gives us the gift of an insider’s leadership guide.”

– Sylvia Acevedo, Corporate Director and former CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA

“There is a great reason that Lisa has been tapped, repeatedly, for presidential appointments, ambassadorships and executive placements over the last 30 years, she is well known in business and policy leaders as a leader that can execute in challenging circumstances. Lisa Gable’s Turnaround is an important read for inspiring and aspiring leaders as they guide their organizations and team members through the complexities of the ever-changing business and cultural climate.”

– Cordell Carter, Executive Director, Socrates Program, The Aspen Institute

“Lisa’s bipartisanship, leadership, and relationships across multiple sectors put her in the perfect position to help those seeking to improve their performance or outcomes.”

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