Using Trampolines to Improve your Health

by Wellness Editor – MH

The simple activity of gently jumping up on down on a bouncy mat, called a rebounder or mini trampoline seems like something only a child would do, but the fact is this activity stimulates and exercises every cell in the body, which is amazing since we contain trillions of cells. We know that jumping also strengthens the cardiovascular system and gets the lymph system moving in ways no other exercises can do. It is so easy to do, and takes little effort, even the elderly and disabled can easily and happily do what is called rebounding.

Our lymphatic system interacts with every organ in our body and is responsible for improving and maintaining healthy immune function. It is our defense mechanism that helps fight against viruses, bacteria, fungi and several diseases. The lymph system is made up of fluid, vessels, ducts and various other organs and structures which help remove toxins, wastes, excess fluids, and infection from all tissues of the body through proper flow and drainage, if it is operating properly. But, although the lymphatic system is vitally important to our health, most people don’t understand it, and some people have not even heard of it and most don’t pay attention to it.

The lymphatic system is connected to every organ of the body. Many people have badly congested lymphatic systems and don’t even know it. In the United States, the lymphatic system is the most overlooked system of the human body, despite the fact that it is directly tied to almost every bodily function. In Europe, stimulation of the lymph flow is the fourth most commonly prescribed medical treatment. Most doctors rarely consider the lymphatic system’s critical role in preventing illness or its importance to the overall healing process. Some of the organs that are part of the lymphatic system are lymph nodes and lymph veins, the tonsils, adenoids, appendix and the spleen. Swollen glands, with which most of us are familiar, are generally a symptom of blocked lymph nodes, indicating a breakdown in proper functioning of the lymphatic system.

Rebound exercise is so efficient in stimulating the lymph flow that it has been called “lymphocizing.” It is a fact that you cannot be healthy with poor lymph flow. Further, you cannot be healthy without exercising regularly. Rebounding is the only exercise known that exercises nearly all 75 trillion cells, provides the least amount of stress to the joints, and is convenient to use. It’s fun for everyone. In just 5 minutes, 3 times a day, you can make a dramatic improvement in your health. The whole family can benefit from rebounding, from toddlers to grandparents.  It sounds silly, jumping up and down on a trampoline to improve your health.  But, the research is real, and the benefits are phenomenal.

The rebound action increases your white blood cell count temporarily, promotes cellular repair, maximizes the potential of  all of your cells, brings more oxygen to the tissues, reduces arterial pressure, improves transmission of nerve impulses by releasing neuro-transmitters such as serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine.  Rebounding can also provide relief from headaches and neck and back pain, increases mental acuity, slow aging and so much more.

It is especially healing for the ankles, knees and low back, without the shock of regular exercise. Scientists at (NASA) cited rebounding as being 68% more efficient than regular running exercises.  Running is not for everyone, the pounding and abuse that runners put there body through is almost impossible for someone who is older and disables.  The eldest of the elderly can do this, as well as handicapped people, and the arthritic. Rebounding is excellent even for those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and even gout. It is important to find ways to move and circulate energy through the joints, as joints themselves do not have their own ability to circulate or flush through veins or the lymph system the way that organs do

Osteoporosis is another condition that can be helped, as bones become stronger when they are used, and the cells absorb in more minerals with use of the bones Even where osteoporosis is already diagnosed, a gradual program of rebounding, starting slowly, can help improve overall bone density. Other non-disease conditions that have been improved or healed are: varicose veins, overweight, sagging, bagging and wrinkling skin. Yes, you can rebound even with a disability, gently or with the help of a friend or loved one, sitting, kneeling or standing!

Rebounding can also be used as an aerobic exercise and for improving strength. In fact, rebounding enhances weight training by improving your core and balance. Advanced rebounders hold light weights while rebounding, thus performing multiple exercises at one. There is improved fat metabolism, muscle definition and improved strength and endurance as a result of rebounding with weight training. Rebounding also helps flush the lactic acids from stressed muscles.

Rebounders also know as trampolines come in a wide range of cost and quality. Look for a rebounder with mat (the middle part) that has at least 36 springs that are covered, and six legs with rubber tips. When you stand on the rebounder, the mat should be firm, while still being highly responsive to movement. Look for durable connections between the frame, springs, and mat. If you are going to use a rebounder as physical therapy, or working on balance issues, stabilizing bars are also available for greater safety and stability. Over the long run, you are best off investing in a well-made, high quality mini-trampoline.

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