Too Busy To Take a Vacation? Why You Might Want to Reconsider

Have you ever had to shelf plans for a vacation due to a lack of free time? You’re hardly alone – millions of Americans are forced to cancel travel plans each and every year. In fact, research suggests that US workers allow half of their vacation time to go to waste. 

While it’s understandable why so many people skip valuable vacation time, you might want to try to take time off on a regular basis. Listed below are some potential benefits of a restful vacation.

Stress Reduction: Who doesn’t have to deal with occasional stress at work? For too many people, such stress is more than just temporary. Multiple studies have found that vacations can give the mind a much-needed rest. 

For example, a study of 900 Canada-based lawyers established a link between vacations and reductions in work-induced stress. Across the pond, the researchers from the University of Vienna determined that various physical issues (such as headaches and backaches) were less common in the weeks following a vacation. 

Better Productivity at Work: What if taking a break from work made you more effective and efficient at your job? Upon conducting internal research, a number of companies have come to this exact conclusion. 

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has examined this very issue, comparing two groups of high-level professionals; one spent more time on vacation, the other spent more time at the office. When it came to productivity, the BCG found that those in the former group notably outshined that later. 

More Shuteye: Who couldn’t use more sleep? One reason why so many adults fail to get adequate sleep is due to problems at work. In turn, unhealthy sleeping patterns make it more challenging to get things done during the day. 

So how does vacation time have anything to do with sleep? Studies have found that vacations can help people get away from behaviors linked to poor sleeping schedules, such as working into the early morning hours. 

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