Tips For Keeping Your Lungs in Good Shape

Practice simple deep breathing: Simple deep breathing is an effective way to increase your lung’s efficiency. Inhale slowly while expanding your stomach outward. This should allow you to push down against the diaphragm (a muscle located below the lungs). After this, allow your ribs to expand, then let your upper chest region move in an upward motion. At this point, let your chest return to their previous position, then contract your ribs and lift the diaphragm with your stomach muscles.

Adjust Your Posture: By adjusting your posture, you can provide your lungs with more room to operate. Every so often, try to lean back slightly in a stable chair; as you take a deep breath, open the frontal portion of your body and lift your chest.

Drink Enough Water: Water plays a key role in the upkeep of your lungs. Regular consumption of water keeps your lungs’ mucosal linings thin, allowing them to function better overall.

Do Not Smoke (or Stop Smoking): Whether it’s from cigarettes, pipes or cigars, smoking tobacco is arguably the worst thing to do to your lungs. Those who kick their smoking habits tend to enjoy better long-term lung health. For example, ex-smokers who remain tobacco free for ten years often see their lung cancer risk cut in half.

Laugh it Up: In addition to boosting lung capacity and toning the muscles of your abdomen, laughing also pushes stale air out of the body. In turn, this allows fresh air to enter the lungs.

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