Four Tips for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

by Wellness Editor – MH

The number of Americans with Alzheimer’s disease continues to rise; as of 2016, it is believed that roughly 5.4 million Americans have this condition. Many Alzheimer’s sufferers need the help of a caregiver to perform daily tasks. While caregivers certainly face a formidable challenge, the following tips can help make this task just a bit easier:


Remove Distractions: Alzheimer’s greatly interferes with a person’s ability to focus. By turning off nearby sources of noise (such as radios and television sets), caregivers can at least partially mitigate this problem.

Make Dressing Easier:  To make getting dressed a less daunting challenge, try to reduce the size of an Alzheimer’s sufferer’s wardrobe.

Focus on Diet: People with Alzheimer’s are best served by consuming a limited range of foods. Given their declining cognitive health, those receiving care might need reminders to regularly drink water.

Approach Bathing Carefully: While bathing is a routine activity for most people, Alzheimer’s frequently makes taking a simple bath feel both confusing and nerve-wracking. Caregivers can make this task easier by breaking baths into a number of steps. During the bath, carefully explain what is happening to the affected person.

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