Tim Schurrer

Episode # 178

Is Your Definition of Success Leaving You Restless and Empty?

Today I’m very happy to welcome author, entrepreneur and success leader Tim Schurrer to The Alden Report. While launching two brands over the course of a decade, StoryBrand and Business Made Simple, Tim and his team grew business from $250K to $16.5M in annual revenue, generated more than 20 million podcast downloads, launched multiple bestselling books and on-demand video courses and produced dozens of events, from a 2,400-person conference to a 5,500-person livestream. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, he contributed to building cultures where people love their work and do whatever it takes to assist one another and their customers to win.

Tim is currently the host of the Build a Winning Team podcast, where he offers listeners actionable advice as he interviews some of the top leaders in business. His newest book, “The Secret Society of Success” Stop Chasing the Spotlight and Learn to Enjoy Your Work (and Life) Again is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Thank you very much to Tim Schurrer for joining us this week on The Alden Report. 

For more information on Tim, you can visit: https://www.buildawinningteam.com/