Goldfish Jumping Out of Bowl

Three Types of Fish for First-Time Owners

by bluevase

Despite their popularity, goldfish are not considered to be an especially good option for first-time fish owners. If you had your heart set on getting a goldfish, fear not ‒ there are multiple fish species that can fit the bill nicely.

Barbs ‒ Barb fish are generally social animals, and should be kept in tanks with at least four other fish of the same species. These pets are best suited for either neutral water or water with a slightly acidic pH level. Not all types of Barb fish are good for inexperienced owners; Tinfoil, Spanner and Tiger Barbs are often too feisty for those not used to dealing with fish.

Rainbowfish ‒ Not surprisingly, a distinct trait of Rainbowfish are their notably colorful scales. However, these creatures don’t develop their colorful exteriors until they reach adulthood. Like Barb fish, these pets need to have company, and should share a tank with at least five other Rainbowfish.

White Cloud Mountain Minnow ‒ A small and docile type of fish, While Cloud Mountain Minnows need to be kept in fairly cool water, ranging in temperature from 64-72°F (18-22°C). If possible, their tank should include at least five other small, nonaggressive fish. Larger fish tend to view White Clouds Minnows as potential dinner and will attempt to eat them.

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