Three Nasty Types of Wasps Found in the Summer

While the summer months have plenty of pleasant traits, the presence of numerous flying insects isn’t one of them.

Hornets: When it comes to aggression, it’s hard to top hornets. Not only do hornets vigorously respond to any perceived threats, but they also have the ability to sting through clothing and even protective gear. Hornets prefer to build their nests in areas where they will be shielded from external threats, such as holes in the ground, in the interior sections of trees and near roof gutters. There are some types of hornets that will use two colony members as guards. These hornets will circle around the nest, keeping a sharp lookout for possible attackers. Should a threat be identified, the guards will alert the rest of the hornet colony allowing them to attack as a unified force.

Paper Wasps: Paper wasps get their name from the substances they use for their nests (chewed wood pulp). They can be a pretty intimidating sight, as they can grow to one inch in length. They can also be identified by their long, dangling legs and reddish-brown body with yellow rings. Paper wasps are highly protective of their nest’s queen. If they feel the queen is at risk, they will swarm the perceived threat without hesitation.

Yellow Jackets: As you probably already know, yellow jackets are not exactly the friendliest insects on the planet. Living in colonies that can reach 4,000 to 5,000 members, yellow jacket wasps will not hesitate to launch a full-scale assault against anything they believe is a threat. They are more numerous and noticeable in the late summer and early fall.

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