The Things We Know in Part

by Pamela Gossiaux

From international bestselling author Pamela Gossiaux comes a sweeping saga about faith, love, and family.

She had to be braver than she ever thought she could be.

As the Vietnam War rages, nineteen-year-old Francie Dalton marries to escape her abusive and religiously oppressive childhood home. Fleeing to Florida and her grandfather’s horse farm, she hopes to find the comfort and safety she has always longed for. When her husband leaves Francie and her newborn daughter, handsome farm manager Frank Weaver offers her the support she never knew she needed and hope in a loving God who is nothing like the vindictive God of her childhood.

Just as Francie starts to believe she has finally found the security she has always craved, she is asked to do the unthinkable. To save an innocent life, she must commit a crime that puts everyone she loves at risk. Now, neither the fences around Francie’s horse farm nor the barriers around her heart are enough to keep her safe.

Set to the backdrop of the thrilling world of Thoroughbred racing, The Things We Know in Part is a sweeping epic of love and betrayal, of unbelievable hurt and inhuman pain. It’s the story of how far the human spirit can go before it’s crushed, and of how close God can be, even when it seems He’s not.