The Potentialist

Your Future in the New Reality of the Next Thirty Years

by Ben Lytle

Those of you living through the next thirty years will become the most powerful creatures that have ever existed. You will live long, novel lifestyles doing more significant, meaningful work. You will function as only geniuses could have done in the past. You will collaborate and share experiences in physical and virtual reality with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Innovations in medicine, seamless integration with automation, and unlimited Cloud computing power make it possible.

You will have the opportunity and the duty to create a decidedly better world. You will need to develop the wisdom to use this expansive power in advance of receiving it. Your success will decide if the future is a new age of enlightenment or darkness. Experience and maturity alone cannot provide the required wisdom fast enough. You will need to maximize your innate potential to accelerate wisdom.

The Potentialist: Your Future in the New Reality of the Next Thirty Years explains the first steps to achieve your potential and accelerate wisdom. You will be encouraged to discard potential-limiting mindsets, wasteful habits, and destructive lifestyles that caused unnecessary suffering in prior generations. You will discover how forces of change create a better world—a New Reality—by breaking down the one we know. The pace of life will accelerate and become more turbulent. Institutions such as government, education, religion, news media, and many employers will be disrupted and become less reliable. But you will see the unfolding New Reality through the lens of opportunity instead of anxiety and fear.

This first installment in a three-book series is for those who will live thirty years or more, those who are older and seeking to assist younger people through this unprecedented challenge, and leaders who are adapting organizations for the New Reality. Mind-blowing change is coming, and The Potentialist offers a roadmap to success.

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