The Law Of Attraction Is Easy… Even If You Don’t Believe In It

by Andrew Kap

Your thoughts have power. Your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts affect everything.

We’ve all heard some version of this.

And while it’s very easy to understand intellectually, it’s also something that most people doubt in some way, shape, or form.

And the opportunities they miss out on as a result are incalculable.

So let’s make this easy.

Given where you’re reading this, we both know you’re intelligent.
And we both know you’re open-minded to at least some degree.

But we also know you don’t have time to be convinced. You’re just way too busy and you’ve got much better things to do with your time.

So here’s what I’m going to do for you…

First I’m going to briefly explain the Law of Attraction (or, if you already know it, re-explain it) in a way that will make it crystal clear and get us on the same page.

Then I’m going to show you an easy way to implement it – even if you don’t believe in it – in a way that will prove it for you WITHOUT wasting your time or energy.

Then I’ll leave you to enjoy your life.


Okay, the Law of Attraction in a nutshell:

Everything in the Universe (including you) is energy.

And everything in the Universe (including every thought you have) vibrates at a frequency that instantly reaches everything else.

And like frequencies tend to vibrate in resonance with other like frequencies.

So the THOUGHT of money, for example, attracts itself to the energy of ACTUAL money.

And if enough thought continues to focus in that direction, the object of that thought (in this case, money) will literally manifest in the physical world.

This means you are literally a magnet to what you think about. Your thoughts (and the emotions you feel about those thoughts) energetically magnetize and attract the people, things, circumstances and outcomes of your life.

This is regardless of whether you’re thinking about what you want (positive thoughts) or whether you’re thinking about what you don’t want (negative ones).

And once you realize that this is how the Universe really works, you can choose a better life through whatever you intentionally give your focus and attention to.

In other words, what you think about in your mind becomes your physical reality.

Got it?

Now… how can you easily implement this — without wasting the little time or energy you usually have to spare — in an easy way that does not require your belief that this works?

In a word – gratitude.

Be grateful.

Take just five minutes a day, and be grateful for things from your past. Or things in your present. Or even thank the Universe in advance for the good things on the way.

This automatically puts your mind and body in a state where you are actually broadcasting the signal of having what you want out into the Universe. And then the Universe will then mirror this back to you in your reality.

Here’s why this doesn’t require your belief AND why this isn’t a waste of your time, no matter what:

Studies have shows that intentionally experiencing gratitude for even just a few minutes each day brings a multitude of TANGIBLE benefits, including improved sleep, an increase in your confidence, a reduction of anxiety, a more resilient mindset, and much, much more.

So even IF the Law of Attraction didn’t “work” (but we both know it does), taking just five minutes a day to just list some things you’re grateful for — this is a huge win for you in and of itself.

If nothing else ever happened. If you never got that huge mansion you might have been visualizing. Or that new car. Or the perfect partner. Or whatever/whoever else — you’re still winning every single day through those five quick minutes. It’s that simple.

So be grateful.

And when “spooky” totally awesome things start happening in your life out of nowhere — do me a favor…
If you really don’t want to acknowledge that this is the Law of Attraction working for you — then don’t.

Don’t credit the Universe.
Don’t thank me for telling you.
Don’t get excited about the endless possibilities.

But at least recognize that you did a thing (five minutes of gratitude), and then something DID happen for you afterwards.

And then use that as your motivation to just keep going with this.
Every single day.

Oh, that part about not thanking me?
Forget that.

DO thank me later.

You’ll have plenty of reason to. ;-P


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