The Gravity of Up

Unlocking Your Potential So No One Can Hold You Down

by Brent Yates

In The Gravity of Up, Brent Yates offers proven ways to help others reject the negative mindsets that are holding them down to live healthy, happy lives.

Your life is designed to be the ultimate adventure. What holds you back from realizing that potential right now? What is pushing you down instead of pulling you up? 

Moving up might feel like something too daunting to achieve, but the good news is that up is a direction not a destination. Today is the day you begin moving forward as author Brent Yates shows you how to unshackle and propel yourself into a more abundant life.

From the outside, Brent Yates had it all—money, success, a beautiful wife and family—but inside, he was dying. One by one, everything that he valued was taken from him until he was suicidal and crippled with a mysterious malady that no doctor could identify. Instead of giving up, he decided to pinpoint what wasn’t working in his life and embark on a quest to discover happiness. By implementing a holistic approach, Brent found the three pillars of a healthy life to be rooted in the spiritual, mental, and physical.

You might be battling with some of the same issues that Brent had—depression, loneliness, and feeling life was without purpose—or maybe you simply feel stuck right now. The Gravity of Up is a blueprint to lose the old, negative thoughts and embrace a new world-altering mindset. Now, happy and healthy, Brent is living proof that the formula works and is eager to help you move up!