The Creation of Sexual Energy

by Wellness Editor – MH

The surest and most proven way to liven up your sexual appetite is through increasing your physical activity. Aerobic exercise decreases stress, helps with weight loss and rejuvenates the body allowing you to become more vigorous and confident.  Exercise makes you feel sexy and being more comfortable with your body leads to you have more relaxed sex.  The more you exercise the more likely you are to have more sex. Generally the people, who exercise most, feel healthier, feel younger and are physically oriented people; meaning these types of people seek out activities and sensations. Men and women who incorporate high levels of strength and endurance in their exercising create new possibilities and options during sex; which means more of a variety of sex positions.

Things such as mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, bungee jumping, swimming and many other things can have a profound effect on any individual. Taking the time to do those little steps can enhance years of lost emotions due to slipping into the monotony of everyday life Back to the problem of circulation causing erectile issues: exercise is the easiest, safest and most natural way to improve blood circulation. In order for males to have full erections, the penis needs to swell with blood. Naturally men with blocked arteries, cardiovascular issues or high blood pressure are more at risk of having erectile dysfunction. To prevent and steer away from this problem, your best bet is to adapt to a regular exercise regime to keep your blood flow healthy and consistent.

It Takes Two

There is a major question when it comes down to the most important factor in a relationship. Of course the number one answer is generally trust, but many feel that the health of the couple’s sex life is just as imperative.  Under the category of ‘sex with your partner,’ there are different factors; how much, how often, duration and connectedness. Everyone’s relationship is unique and some issues are more vital to focus on than others.  With that said, a high percentage of men and women in relationships and same sex relationships, believe that their sex lives play a major role in the happiness and satisfaction of their bonds.

If infrequent contact is causing tension and drawbacks between you and your partner, sex could be more important to you than you think. If you are unable to put your finger on what could be wrong and how and why stress habitually occurs, the first element you should look at is your sexual connection with your companion.  Intimacy. The emotional and sensual tie between you and your partner has no boundary and is increased through sexual activity. The health of a relationship takes time. It is usually easy in the beginning but as times goes on, the pressures and worries of everyday life always take a toll on any individual. Most of the time anxiety derives from the all of the little hassles of life; they are naturally combined together and people usually take the annoyances and stress out on their partner and the feeling of resentment sets in. This is the number one reason why couples desire and flame burns out; making it a challenge and a chore to spark it back up.

It takes two to tango. By making a collective effort and moving sex up on your relationship’s priorities, you could turn your plateaued appreciation alliance one hundred and eighty degrees into the devoted dependency you once had with each other. You may simultaneously nourish yourself and your love’s needs by flushing stress and anxiety away through sex.  Sex is thus a duel effort and the benefits are limitless.

Sex is more prosperous than the obvious reason of increasing intimacy:

Other advantages are:

  • Burns Calories- You can burn up to 85 calories! Sex is great exercise.
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Improves Self-Esteem
  • Reduces Pain
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health
  • Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk
  • Helps You Sleep Better

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