Ten Important Facts About Asthma

1. An estimated ten Americans die from this condition each day.

2. Many asthmatics develop this condition in childhood. However, asthma can first appear at any point in life.

3. Asthma never truly disappears. The body’s immune system often changes as we age, which in many cases causes asthma to effectively go into remission for a period of time. Unfortunately, it can reappear again later on in life.

4. Coughing and wheezing symptoms occur as a result of lung inflammation.

5. Asthma-induced lung inflammation appears with no warning, as asthma sufferers do not feel or sense anything amiss. Suffers should carefully follow their doctor’s instructions in regards to their medication.

6. It is still eminently possible to lead an active life with this condition through proper use of prescribed medications and by warming up/cooling down around periods of physical activity.

7. Not surprisingly, children exposed to both second-hand smoke and air pollution face an elevated risk of developing asthma.

8. Asthma flare-ups are attributed to some two million visits to the ER in the United States.

9. It is estimated that roughly 70 percent of asthma sufferers have also been diagnosed with allergies.

10. Approximately 24 million Americans are believed to suffer from asthma.

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