Junk Food

Even if you’re overweight, eating too much food on a regular basis can be a tough habit to stop. This fact helps to explain the growing rate of obesity in the United States. If a report in the journal ,,,
Though health officials constantly stress the need for rigorous dental hygiene, many people fail to heed this advice. Consequently, dentists spend many of their working hours filling in their patients’ cavities. Since cavities are so common, a number of ,,,
It’s no secret that aging presents the body with various challenges, ranging from declining mental sharpness to thickening waistlines to increasingly stubborn aches and pains. As if seniors didn’t have enough to be concerned about, age also makes it ,,,
Virtually every product we purchase at the grocery store has one thing in common – a nutrition label. This isn’t a coincidence; the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 mandated that products carry labels with specific information, such ,,,