Alternative Medicine

What do your heart rate, skin temperature and blood pressure all have in common? They are all automatic functions controlled by the nervous system. In other words, they are bodily processes that don’t require conscious thought. Though we never ,,,
Most people have heard of acupuncture, and probably have some idea of what the procedure involves. Of course, the idea of having needles stuck into the body doesn’t appeal to everyone. Likewise, while acupuncture has its share of supporters, ,,,
Massages are generally thought of as a technique for helping the body to relax. Judging by the amount of money Americans spend on them, it seems that massages are very effective in helping customers unwind. The American Massage Therapy ,,,
Ever wonder what factors determine your mood? The answer largely involves serotonin, a chemical you probably have never heard of. Despite its relative obscurity, serotonin is an essential ingredient for a happy personality. The mind reacts poorly when its ,,,
As we get further and further into adulthood, it becomes painfully obvious that our bodies aren’t as sturdy and resilient as they once were. Injuries, diseases and various aches and pains seem to attack more frequently, and the body ,,,
Of all the mental health problems facing Americans, depression ranks as one of the most widespread and onerous. It is estimated that over 21 million patients in the US suffer from regular depression. All of these melancholic feelings inevitably ,,,
It can be safely said that part of being human is dealing with anxiety. Even those known for keeping grace under pressure fret about things at least once in a while. The following statistics, compiled by the National Institute ,,,
Admittedly, the term probiotics doesn’t seem all that appealing; it sounds dangerously close to “antibiotics,” a type of medication that brings to mind particularly nasty illnesses, such as pneumonia and sinus infections. Not to mention that antibiotics carry along ,,,
Virtually all patients go to the doctor in search of an objective, well-reasoned medical opinion on their health. With such a high amount of trust placed in their doctors, it should be very disconcerting for patients to learn that ,,,
At first glance, treating such life-altering aliments such as strokes, diabetic ulcers and multiple sclerosis though pressurized oxygen chambers might seem like something from out of science fiction movie. Recent research, however, suggests that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can ,,,
In recent years, doctors have made noteworthy and exciting progress in treating various ailments with an innovative procedure – cell injection. The most well-known of these treatments involves the use of stem cells, which have long been known to ,,,
In early 2002, John Kanzius received grim news that four thousand Americans hear every day; he had been diagnosed with cancer. Rather than admit defeat, Kanzius decided to put his decades of experience with radio technology to good use. ,,,
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