Generally speaking, people use social media for… well, social reasons. But what if your social media footprint could reveal key information about your health? According to the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, this could very ,,,
Like every other part of the body, the ears are vulnerable to hostile invasions of bacteria and viruses. Ear infections are a frequent occurrence, especially among young children. In fact, infections of the ear are the second most prevalent ,,,
While air travel is certainly a staple of modern times, the sheer amount of air traffic might surprise you. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), over 8 million people fly on a daily basis. With so many ,,,
Though its name suggests otherwise, ringworm has nothing to do with actual physical worms. In fact, the condition known as ringworm is caused by a type of fungi. While worms (thankfully) have nothing to do with this ailment, having ,,,
When back pain flares up, it usually can be blamed on a certain group of culprits. Generally speaking, this problem is often attributed to injuries, poor posture or the presence of chronic conditions known for causing pain, such as ,,,
Virtually everyone has to deal with at least some viruses during their lifetime. These microscopic organisms can cause a variety of illnesses, ranging from colds to food poisoning to influenza. Some viruses, however, are less well known and common ,,,
Headaches are like colds, cuts and stomach aches – virtually everyone deals with them occasionally, no matter how well we treat our bodies. Generally, people blame this ailment on things such as loud noise and stress. While this is ,,,
There would seem to be fewer things more appealing than a Caribbean cruise, particularly during the dead of winter.  You can imagine that passengers aboard the Explorer of the Seas, a luxurious cruise ship that can hold over 3,000 ,,,
Like it or not, pain is an inescapable fact of life; regardless of whether a person leads an active or sedentary lifestyle, all of us have had to deal with certain injuries and/or pain-inducing medical conditions. You might have ,,,
As the human body ages, it tends to become more vulnerable to severe health problems and various illnesses. For example, seniors tend to suffer more heart attacks than younger age groups (in the United States, the average age of ,,,
Along with wrinkles and graying hair, back pain is often considered one of the sobering signs of getting older. You’ve probably heard at least one person complain about his or her persistent back problems, and at times it may ,,,
When people think of sleep, two thoughts usually spring to mind; we need eight hours per night, and most of us fall far short of that goal. While this lack of sleep can often be blamed on hectic and ,,,
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