Advances in Medicine

It might sound impossible to believe, but there may come a day when donated organs come not from a human, but from a printer. Yes, you read that right ‒ medical researchers are attempting to use three-dimensional printers to ,,,
In the coming decades, it is believed that an increasing number of surgeries will be performed with real-world teleoperated robots. Unlike other surgical robots, a doctor doesn’t have to share the same room with these machines when operating them. ,,,
In the last few decades, much has been written about the subject of DNA, and for good reason. The DNA a person receives from his or her parents determines all of their physical characteristics, and may leave them vulnerable ,,,
It can sometimes be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff when discussing medicine. What constitutes a good heart rate and blood pressure? How about sugar and cholesterol levels? How useful is the Body Mass Index? What vitamins ,,,
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