Stopping Pain Before it Starts: Keeping Kidney Stones At Bay

Kidney stones are hardly the most appealing topic to discuss. However, given the relatively high number of people who experience this ailment, it is certainly worthwhile to explore ways to prevent the formation of these unwanted guests.

Drink Water Regularly and Every Day – We’ve all heard about “eight glasses per day” guideline for water consumption. One reason to heed this piece of advice is that water plays a key role in preventing kidney stone formation.

Watch Your Sodium Intake – In the modern American food supply, you don’t have to look too hard to find sodium. Foods such as cereals, bagels, soups and deli meats can be absolutely jam-packed with this ingredient. All of that sodium could easily increase the amount of calcium in the urinary tract, making the appearance of kidney stones more likely.

Eat Smart – Aside from sodium-filled offerings, there are a number of food products that could make life hard to those susceptible to kidney stones. Edible items that may fit this profile include spinach, chocolate and tea. Other possible
candidates for this list include high-phosphate colas and nuts rich in oxalate.

Talk to Your Doc – In some cases, kidney stones form as a side effect to various medications. Decongestants, diuretics, protease inhibitors, steroids and chemotherapy drugs have all been known to cause build-ups within the kidneys. If you take these medicines and suffer from kidney stones, you might consider consulting with your doctor about adjusting your personal medications.

Cut Back on Animal Protein – Numerous Americans just can’t do without red meat, poultry, eggs, and seafood and other types of animal protein. Your kidneys, on the other hand, might appreciate a more veggie-friendly diet. Animal proteins can reduce your body’s levels of citrate, a development that in some people makes stone formation more
likely. For these individuals, a good rule of thumb is to restrict your daily intake of meat to roughly the size of a pack of playing cards.

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