Staying Cool During the Summer Months

While the onset of summer is welcomed by many, the heat and high temperatures are certainly not for everybody. The next time your area goes through a draining heatwave, try out the following tips to stay cool.

Munch on Spicy Foods: Foods like cayenne, jalapeño, and habanero peppers all feature a chemical called capsaicin. Upon being ingested, capsaicin causes us to sweat, thereby helping the body cool down in the heat.

Drink Cold Water: This tip, in contrast, needs a lot less explanation. Consuming a lot of cooling fluids is a simple and often effective way to keep your body temperature at reasonable levels. You might consider making your own ice water by partially freezing water bottles in your freezer.

Get Creative With Your Freezer: While it’s designed to keep various foods in a frozen state, your freezer can actually be used to help keep your body cool during the muggy months of summer. And no, not by just standing in front of it with the door open. Instead, clear some space for wet washcloths, and take them out when you need to cool down. You can do the same thing with bed sheets, which might come in handy when temperatures remain humid into the evening.

Buy Some Heat-Blocking Curtains: You might not have heard of them, but heat-blocking curtains can make summer heat waves much more bearable. During the day, close your curtains to keep the heat out. When things finally start to cool down, open up both your curtains and windows to let out any warm air that has managed to get through. This will also allow cooler air to come into your home.

Buy a Cooling Pillow: Another product you may not be aware of is cooling pillows. In short, cooling pillows contain cooling gel, which in turn cools off the person sleeping on them. They don’t cost too much, don’t require much effort to find and are usually successful in making hot summer nights more comfortable. What’s not to like?

Cut Down on the Salt: Salt makes a whole lot of things taste better. Unfortunately, it can also lead to water loss while producing metabolic heat inside your body. When it gets really hot outside, replace your salty snacks with fruits and veggies.

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