Soul Blazing

Transform Your Imposters into Superpowers and Live a More Purposeful, Authentic Life

by Lisa Haisha

Who are you truly, deep down?

There are seven key Imposters, or archetypes, that underlie nearly every aspect of human behavior. In this groundbreaking self-help book, you’ll discover a framework for understanding these archetypes and how they impact your relationship to yourself, others, and the world at large.

SoulBlazing will help you:

  • Ignite meaningful change in your life
  • Understand and release false narratives and negative self-talk that hinder you
  • Transform your inner saboteurs into superpowers
  • Learn to respond rather than react to life
  • Cultivate a deeper, more life-affirming awareness of yourself and others

SoulBlazing goes right to the heart of the emotional obstacles that prevent you from fulfilling your purpose. An indispensable guide for making shift happen, it is both a road map for discovering your Authentic Self and a tool for transforming adversity into opportunity in all areas of life: relationships, work, and play.