Soul Beneficiary

The Good, Better, Best Guide to Success in Selling Insurance

by Jessi Park

Selling insurance can be a lucrative career, but few people really make it. Jessi Park is one of them. In just four years, she went from scraping by on unemployment to a top sales agent to opening her own agency. But her journey to success wasn’t an easy one. If you’re looking for a truthful guide to the industry, you’ve found it. This book honestly explains how she got to the top and all of the lessons that she’s learned along the way.

Soul Beneficiary is part tell-it-straight on selling insurance, part guide to shifting your mindset. Jessi reveals not only the daily grind she went through to make it up the ladder and escape the poverty-debt cycle but the mindset she had to manifest her own success. The insurance industry offers a unique opportunity for anyone to uplift themselves through hard work. This book will give you the tools to do it.