Some Helpful Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses

Replace Your Lenses Often: A good rule of thumb is to dispose of your lenses as often as your doctor suggests. You should adhere to this advice even if you don’t wear your lenses every day. Continuing to wear old contact lenses could lead to eye infections.

Wash Your Hands: Wash your hands before putting in your contacts, and removing them. Make sure to dry your hands with a lint free towel, and to avoid using oily or heavily scented soaps.

Keep Your Lenses Away From Water: Some people turn to tap water when they run out of contact lens solution. While this might sound like a logical alternative, trying to clean contact lenses with water could turn out to be harmful for your eyes. The reason for this is that tap water can contain numerous microbes, which in turn can lead to eye infections. In some cases these infections may be serious.

Don’t Forget Your Case: You should use a disinfecting solution to clean your case on a nightly basis. Once thoroughly cleaned, wipe the case with a tissue and allow it to air dry overnight. You should not keep case for more than three months.

If Your Lenses Hurt, Don’t Ignore Them: It’s not uncommon for contact lenses to feel uncomfortable; this might be because there is something stuck underneath it, or it might be positioned inside out. One possible way to fix this issue is to take your lenses out and rinse them with a rewetting solution. If there is a bunch of dirt and dust stuck to the lens, you might consider using a non-peroxide solution.

Remove Your Lenses When Swimming: Swimming with your contact lenses might lead to infection, as bacteria within the water might find its way onto your lens. Likewise, wet lenses can be a real pain in the neck to remove.

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