Six Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy in the Workplace

1. Know What’s Going on Around You: This is an obvious one. A good way to avoid injuries in the workplace is take stock of all potential hazards near you.

2. Sit Up Straight: Chances are your parents probably scolded you at least a few times about slouching at the table. Turns out they were doing you a favor. Desk workers with poor posture often find themselves victimized by neck and/or back pain.

3. Give Yourself A Break: Working for too long can be counterproductive, especially for those holding down jobs that involve heavy lifting. Tired employees are more prone to mistakes, as well as being more susceptible to injury.

4. Steer Clear of Bad Shortcuts: Workplace procedures can be tedious, annoying and very time-consuming. At the same time, they are put in place for a reason, particularly when it comes to jobs involving heavy machinery.

5. Don’t Block Emergency Exits: This is another obvious one – it would be a pretty dumb move to stack various items in front of an emergency exit. Unfortunately, many employees do just that. Take a few minutes and make sure that your nearest emergency exit door is easily accessible.

6. Stay on Top of Changes: Safety procedures can change over time, frequently due to new laws and regulations. Because of this, it’s important to keep track of such changes when they occur. When necessary, employers should provide training to their employees about such procedures.

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