Six Tips To Prevent Food Poisoning

1. Be Smart When Eating Out: Some restaurants are more sanitary than others. Before patronizing an eating establishment, review its inspection scores online.

2. …And Be Smart When You Get Home: It’s crucial to make sure leftovers are quickly refrigerated. Specifically, try to put these items in your fridge within a two-hour window. If the temperature outside is above 90 degrees, the window closes to one hour.

3. Keep Tabs On Your Fridge: It goes without saying that your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your home. That’s why you should routinely check if it is working properly. If the temperature inside your fridge rises past 40 degrees, it’s time to get it fixed.

4. Keep Tabs on Your Freezer: You should also at least occasionally check the temperature of your freezer – it should never exceed 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Check Expiration Dates: Expiration dates are placed on eggs and milk containers for a reason – after a certain date, they are not especially safe to consume. This might sound like an obvious piece of advice, but it is easy to leave items in the fridge for too long.

6. Know When To Throw Things Out: Food products that have been left unrefrigerated for a period longer than two hours should likewise be discarded, as they might be carrying some tiny, unwanted guests.

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