Six Things You Might Not Know About Your Bones

by bluevase

Six Things You Might Not Know About Your Bones

Everyone knows that the human body features numerous bones, but did you know that the human skeleton features 206 bones in total? As shown by the following list, that’s far from the only interesting bone-related fact about the body.

  • Your foot alone contains there more than a tenth (26) of your bones.
  • Not to be outdone, there are 54 bones in human hand and wrist combined.
  • Can you guess which bone claims the honor of both the longest and strongest bone in the human body? That would be the thighbone, medically known as the femur.
  • Believe it or not, there is exactly one bone that is completely isolated from the rest of your skeleton – the hyoid, located at the base of the tongue, has no connections to any of the body’s other 205 bones.
  • Not all of the body’s joints move. For example, the skull has a number of joints that stay firmly in place.
  • Quick question – what is the most commonly broken bone in the body? The answer varies based on age. Among adults, the most frequently fractured bones in the are located in the arms, whereas children are most likely to sustain a break in their collarbones.

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