Six Health Risks for Men in Their 40s, 50s and Beyond

Nobody likes getting old – the body gets creakier, slower and usually can’t perform as well as it once did. For men, there are certain problems that tend to crop up past the age of 40.

Depression: Men aged 40 and up face a greater depression risk compared to their younger counterparts. Rather than looking forward to retirement, some men become despondent as they approach their fifties and sixties.

Diabetes: In terms of age demographics, adults between the ages of 45 to 64 had the highest rate of diabetes diagnosis in 2012.

Heart Problems: Heart problems tend to be more common among men past the age of 40. Such cardiovascular issues can often be attributed to a lack of physical activity and poor diet.

Skin Cancer: During the warm summer months, many men fail to cover their skin with sunscreen. Consequently, significant numbers of middle-aged men develop skin cancer due to years of sunlight exposure.

Declining Vision: It is very common for men in their forties and fifties to suffer from eroding eyesight. Impaired and blurry vision, along with an inability to see items close up is a frequent complaint for men in this age bracket.

Risk of Stroke: According to the American Stroke Association, stroke risk for adults increases dramatically with age. In fact, a person’s stroke risk doubles every ten years starting at age 55.

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