Sexy Foods to Increase Your Libido

by Wellness Editor – MH

The best way to increase your libido through these foods is to eat them raw with no added sugar or salt; just natural.


Avocados are full of good fats, protein and potassium. All in which give men and women more energy. The B6 in avocados increases males’ hormone production and the potassium regulates women’s thyroid glands which are both crucial processes in amplifying libido.


Bananas contain all types of nutrients that give the body energy. Also, the other enzymes and potassium in bananas help reverse impotence in men.


Celery can be a great source of food to sexual stimulation. Celery contains an odourless hormone called androsterone, which is released through male perspiration and turns women on.

Raw Oysters

The most important sexual component in oysters is zinc; raising sperm and testosterone. Also, oysters contain dopamine which increases the libido and this is how the shellfish gained their love-inducing name.

Red Wine and Champagne

When consumed, both varietals awaken the libido and keep your arteries open for blood flow. But make sure you don’t drink excessively because too much alcohol consumption can decrease sexual desire.


The subtle and refreshing scent of cucumbers is believed to stimulate women by increasing blood flow to the vagina.


Also, another food that is great for circulation. Tibetan monks were actually not allowed in the monastery if they had eaten garlic.


Ginger has long been an aphrodisiac because of its scent and the stimulation of the circulatory.

Pine Nuts

Like oysters, pine nuts contain a high level of zinc thus boosting the libido.

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