Seven Tips for Home Safety

Your home might be your castle, but it has numerous objects inside of it that could injure your children. The following tips should prove useful for keeping your family safe.

  1. Keep the lighters out of sight: Believe it or not, household fires are often started by children playing with lighters or matches. To prevent this, keep any lighters or matches in a place where your children can’t reach them. Get rid of any matches/ lighters that are no longer needed.
  2. Keep Chemicals In a Safe Place: There are a number of chemicals throughout your home that could prove harmful to children, such as oils and cleaners. Throw these items away if you no longer need them. For those that you do need, store them in a secure cabinet or closet.
  3. Remove the Small Stuff: At some point or another, pretty much every child has picked up and played with a small – but dangerous – object. It goes without saying that these objects should be placed in drawers or in other spots where they pose no threat to children.
  4. Fence in Your Pool: It’s a tragic statistic, but each year hundreds of children in the United States drown in backyard pools. To prevent this, put a fence around your pool or hot tub.
  5. Keep Your Doors Locked: Even if you live in a nice neighborhood, make sure to keep your doors to the outside closed and locked. Children like to wander, and unlocked doors are often too much of a temptation for them to avoid.
  6. Be Prepared: Emergency exit plans are usually associated with commercial buildings and office workplaces. Be that as it may, it’s also a good idea to have an exit strategy for your home as well.
  7. Don’t Ignore Your Floor: Wet floors are disasters waiting to happen. In fact, a larger number of household accidents can be attributed to pools of liquid residing on the floor. If you spill any beverages, or see any indoor puddles, remember to clean them up as soon as possible.

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