Seven Important Facts About Aging

Life as an older adult can be quite challenging, both mentally and physically. Listed below are seven facts that demonstrate some age-related problems:

1. Believe it or not, an astounding 90% of Americans aged 55 and older are at risk of developing hypertension, or high blood pressure.

2. In the United States, an older adult suffers a fatal fall every nineteen minutes.

3. It is estimated that a quarter of older Americans will develop depression, anxiety, dementia and mental disorders.

4. Nearly one in four (23 percent) of Americans aged 60+ live with the effects of diabetes.

5. Seven million older adult Americans suffer from depression.

6. It costs roughly $50 Billion annually to treat injuries sustained from falls among older adults. By the year 2020, this figure is expected to rise to nearly $68 Billion.

7. Chronic disease can be found in almost four in five older adults. More alarmingly, 77% of this demographic have two such diseases.

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