Ron Karr

Episode # 168

How Do You Eliminate Resistance, Gain Buy-In and Achieve Faster Results?

Today I welcome CEO, best-selling author and keynote speaker Ron Karr to The Alden Report. For 36+ years, Ron has excelled at sales and leadership positions, for which he is recognized as the leading “Sales Success Expert.” He has appeared as a guest on national TV including FOX News, CBS Morning Show, Bloomberg, C-Suite Network and others. As a highly sought-after international speaker, his bold methodologies unite two insights: advanced expertise on the psychology of what drives customer behavior and the importance of Social and Emotional Intelligence when expanding business across new and existing markets. 

Ron has extensive expertise in creating monetization/growth strategies, building award-winning teams, and providing strategic leadership within high-growth companies to global Fortune 500 firms such as Hertz, UPS, Agfa, United Natural Foods, and Marriott Hotels. He is the author of four books, including the CEO best-selling title, Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way and his latest book The Velocity Mindset.

Thank you very much to Ron for joining us this week on The Alden Report.

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