Rita Goodroe

Episode # 128

Effective Relationship Building Is Key to Growing Your Business

This week I’m excited to welcome business strategist & success coach Rita Goodroe. Rita works with entrepreneurs to increase their reach and revenue so that they may build profitable businesses that impact lives while fully supporting their own. She specializes in helping women entrepreneurs take bold actions to create BIG results in business so they make more money in ways that are FUN and aligned with their values.

We discuss her journey from her role as a practicing attorney to following her passion of building her own business. As part of that, we discuss how to ease the transition from your day job to building the career and business that you are passionate about and what it takes to grow and make space for your dream job while still working full time. Most importantly, she says that the key to growing your business is effective relationship building which is a concept I’ve stressed relatedly when I talk about utilizing your connection capital. The fact that she has gone through the process herself while self-teaching every aspect along the way makes her story all the more captivating and authentic.

She is passionate about everything she does which really comes across in this episode. It’s no wonder that her clients were the ones to coin the phrase “Rita made me do it!” to celebrate their many successes.

Thank you again to Rita for joining us on this week’s episode of The Alden Report.

For more information on Rita, you can visit: http://RitaMadeMeDoit.com/