Rigging the Game

How to Achieve Financial Certainty, Navigate Risk and Make Money on Your Own Terms

by Dan Nicholson

Why do some always seem to win while others always seem to fail? And why do others win and then fail to maintain their spot at the top?

Is it luck?

Not to spoil the contents of this book, but no…it isn’t.

To see consistent success in your own business, you’re going to have to turn the magnifying glass on yourself. Because the fact is, nothing you do—no action you take, no strategic financial decision you make—matters if it doesn’t bring you closer to the things you really want.

So how do you ensure that you can ultimately reach (and fund) your priorities?

Rigging the Game is here to help you create and follow a path to the things you truly value, whatever they may be, and eliminate the risk and financial uncertainty that commonly plague business owners every single day.

In this book, serial entrepreneur Dan Nicholson delves into tips and strategies that can help entrepreneurs get what they want, including how to:

  • Identify biases to evolve beyond them
  • Turn big goals into actionable steps and checklists
  • Replace financial anxiety with financial certainty
  • Beat the odds by playing their own game

And much more.

As much a rallying cry as a guide to success, Rigging the Game teaches entrepreneurs how unconventional thinking can transform their lives and finances for the better—especially when the competition is stuck in the old ways.