Eight Natural Remedies for Allergies

by Wellness Editor – MH

To most, the changing of the seasons is a fairly routine, natural event. To allergy sufferers, however, the change into a new season means the onset of debilitating allergy symptoms. Even worse, these allergies are often treated with medications that can cause sleep-incusing drowsiness. Weary allergy sufferers can take heart, however, – there are natural allergy remedies and tips that can clear your sinuses without putting you to sleep.


Saline Solution Nasal Spray – Saline solution is essentially salt water. Squirting it into the nostrils can wash away foreign objects irritating the nasal passages, and might even remove inflammatory cells. While saline solution can be purchased at your local drugstore, you can make your own blend by mixing a dash of baking soda into warm, distilled water.

Showering/Bathing/Washing – Pollen is the main culprit behind many allergy symptoms. During allergy season, pollen is scattered by wind, and can wind up on just about anything, including people. Hot showers can not only wash away pollen from the body, but can also soothe nasal passages irritated by pollen exposure. It is also a good idea to regularly wash your pillowcases, and to wash itchy eyes with cool, clean water.

Close Your Windows – In addition to carrying pollen, the air we breathe can also bring other airborne irritants like cigarette smoke and toxins from pollution. Shutting your windows will help to keep these allergy triggers out of both your house and respiratory system.

Inhale Steam – Inhaling steam can go a long way toward clearing up your sinuses. Simply boil several cups of water, pour them into a large bowl, place a towel over your head, and gently breathe in the steam for 5 to 10 minutes. After inhaling the steam, allow the water to cool until warm. Soak a washcloth into the water, and hold in against the sides of your nose, below your eyes and above your eyebrows.

Use Dehumidifiers – Dehumidifiers are excellent tools for clearing dust mites out of your home. They can also stymie the growth of mold, another notorious cause of indoor allergies.

Develop a Taste for Wasabi – This Japanese condiment will provide a jolt to your sinuses, loosening up clogged mucous. However, wasabi is a very potent type of horseradish, so it may be best to take it small doses. One easy way to ingest wasabi is to spread it on green peas for an allergy-fighting snack.

Go Easy on the Carpets – Carpets might add personality to your house, but they are also havens for dust mites. Hardwood floors are a much better alternative for indoor allergy sufferers. If you cannot remove your carpets, clean them thoroughly using a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Wash Your Pets – As much as Fido hates getting bathed, the fur of cats and dogs can transport many allergens that can ruin an allergy sufferer’s day. Fortunately, a simple bath with warm water will quickly wipe out these irritants.

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