Candy Box

Protecting Your Teeth From Sugary Treats

by Wellness Editor – MH

What do Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas all have in common? They are all prominent holidays associated with sugary treats. Of course, eating so many sweets over such a short period of time can be bad news for your teeth. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to avoid holiday candy at all costs; listed below are some tips that can keep dental problems at bay.

Routine Maintenance Work: We’ll start with an obvious one; if you fail to brush twice per day and floss daily, you’re not doing your teeth any favors.

Mix Sweets with Meals: Eating sugary items along with other types of food causes your mouth to up its saliva production. In turn, this can stymie the formation of harmful bacterial acids on your teeth.

Snack Smarter: Many people are unable to resist the urges of their sweet tooth, and munch on small portions of junk food throughout the day. In addition to curbing your snacking habits, try to subsist on healthier foods between major meals.

Pick Your Poison: While virtually everyone understands the effects of candy on dental health, some products cause more damage than others. As bad as a chocolate bar can be for your incisors, molars and wisdom teeth (assuming you still have them), candies with a sticky texture are even worse.

Keep Your Dental Appointments: Very few people look forward to a visit to the dentist. Failing to schedule regular dental appointments, however, can allow plaque to steadily our teeth’s protective layers.

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