Pasha Esfandiary

Episode # 189

What’s the Relationship Between Poker and Real Estate Investment?

This week on The Alden Report, I am joined by real estate investment expert Pasha Esfandiary. Prior to starting his real estate career in 2011, Pasha was a professional poker player. He started by flipping homes found at auctions and has since been involved in over $250 million in transactions across multiple asset types. These include residential homes, boutique motels, the purchasing and management of large multifamily properties, and working with housing programs in vulnerable communities. 

In early 2021, Pasha founded Evoke Capital with the primary objective of helping others achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. His lifelong philosophy is what drives Evoke Capital to excellence – People First. Treating each investment as his own and each tenant as family, Pasha has developed Evoke Capital within 13 months to include a portfolio of over 950 units. Throughout Pasha’s successful professional ventures, the unfolding of his dream focuses on his value of sustainable community development. This goal in building low-income housing is to provide much more than a roof overhead and he is committed to building an environment that empowers and encourages its residents to grow, achieve and thrive.  

In this episode, Pasha and I discuss the connection between real estate investing and poker, the major ways to leverage in multifamily and mobile home park investments, the importance of personal, professional relationships and tips for navigating the thriving field of mobile home parks.

Thank you very much to Pasha Esfandiary for joining us this week on The Alden Report. 

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