Mike Alden (monologue)

Episode # 193

Do You Truly Need to Experience Pain to Achieve Success?

I’m not going to lie, things have been pretty rough around here both on a personal and professional level. So today, I thought I’d open up more than I believe I ever have here on The Alden Report. Today I’m talking straight to the mic again about some personal pain that I am experiencing. Some people say that experiencing pain is one of the universal laws of success. That is, most successful people experience pain and pain brings wisdom. If you can make it through and come out of the other side, success will be waiting. Well, I’ve experienced my share of pain and I’ve seen how it has led to success. But in down times like these, I often have to question why it is we must go through these negative experiences at all?  I elaborate on these experiences on my latest blog which you can read here. As I say in the blog, I’m not opening up this way so that you can pity me. I understand that being an entrepreneur can bring extremely difficult times. I’ve built a number of businesses over the last two decades, most of which actually failed.