Managing Life With ADHD

It goes without saying that ADHD can make life fairly difficult at times. Despite the problems caused by ADHD, those living with this condition can take steps to mitigate effects. 

Watch the Clock: For those with ADHD, wristwatches and clocks aren’t just cosmetic accessories; rather, both can be used to keep track of time and help ADHD sufferers stay focused. 

Be Generous With Time: ADHD can easily make it difficult to estimate how much time will be needed to complete a certain activity. To get around this roadblock, try to give yourself more time than you think will be needed to finish tasks. A good rule of thumb is to add ten minutes to every thirty minutes of projected work time. 

Break Down Big Tasks: Big projects can be daunting even to those without ADHD. In order to prevent becoming overwhelmed when facing such challenges, it is often helpful to break projects down into smaller, less stressful pieces. 

Prioritize: Those with ADHD might find themselves jumping recklessly from one task to another, preventing them from getting any meaningful work done. If this is a problem you encounter, it may prove useful to prioritize the tasks that need to be completed. Once this is done, you can tackle these tasks based on their level of importance. 

Preform Regular Cleanup: ADHD is the culprit behind many messy desks and workstations. Fortunately, this issue can be addressed with relatively little effort. Simply devote about ten minutes per day to cleaning up and organizing your desk. This should help you go about your day without losing track of important documents and papers. 

Get Some Sleep: Sleep is important for everybody, but it can prove especially valuable to ADHD sufferers, as a lack of sleep might aggravate ADHD symptoms. In order to get your eight hours of shut-eye, try to avoid caffeinated beverages in the late afternoon or early evening hours. You should also do your best to adhere to a reasonable sleeping schedule. 

Don’t Eat Junk: Aside from all its other ill-effects, sugar can worsen the stress and hyperactivity caused by ADHD, as well as making it harder to focus.

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