Making Meditation Easier for Beginners

by Wellness Editor – MH

For people not used to doing it, meditation can seem both strange and intimidating. Despite these mental hurdles, even people who are unaccustomed to meditating can learn meditative techniques in a relatively short amount of time. The following list of tips might prove useful to those not accustomed to these ancient practices.

Set Aside Time for Meditating 

It can be awfully hard to concentrate on meditation if you’re constantly receiving incoming texts on your smartphone. If possible, try to spend at least twenty minutes in a quiet environment with a minimum number of distractions.

Meditate Daily 

It certainly takes some commitment, but resolving to meditate on a daily basis is a simple way to get better at meditating.

Don’t Worry So Much 

Some people who are new to meditation worry if they are doing things the right way, to the point that they lose concentration while meditating. To avoid this, try to stay focused on the technique you are trying to practice. Losing patience with yourself can easily be counterproductive.

Make Yourself Comfortable

When meditating, many people sit in an Indian-style manner (also known as the lotus position) for a reason – it generally feels comfortable for adults and children alike. Of course, this isn’t true of everyone. For example, some meditators prefer to sit in a chair while meditating. Choose what position feels most comfortable to you.

Stay Focused!

One type of meditation, appropriately referred to as “focused meditation,” requires a practitioner to focus his or her mind on a certain concept, sound or item. Whatever you choose to concentrate on, make sure that you remained focused on it.

Change Things Up (If Necessary)

There is more than one way to meditate. If, say, focused meditation doesn’t work for you, you may have better luck with mantra or movement meditative exercises.

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