Lyann Nguyen

Episode # 152

How To Recover From Financial Devastation and Master the Credit System

Today I am joined by Lyann Nguyen, aka the Credit Ninja. As the founder and CEO of ReCredit, Lyann is a credit expert, mindset mentor and an advisor to CEOs, influencers, YouTubers, E-Commerce entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities. In her 20 plus year career, Lyann’s financial mentorship and credit repair expertise has changed the lives of over 100,000 clients.

Lyann shares her incredible story when, in 2008, she became a victim of fraud after being cheated out of more than $20 Million from her financial services company. Stunningly to her, she found her bank accounts frozen, her house was lost, and she faced a four year legal battle with her ex-business partners. Out of the ashes of this adversity was born the Credit Ninja. Now, as the Credit Ninja, she helps improve and enhance credit files of thousands of clients and supports high-level entrepreneurs in order to take their credit knowledge and business to the next level. 

Thank you so much to Lyann for coming on and joining us this week on The Alden Report.

For more information on the Credit Ninja, check out her Instagram @credninja and you can visit her company at