Loz City

Episode # 175

Is This Artwork the Prescription You’ve Been Looking For?

This week I’m super-excited to be joined on The Alden Report by New York City-based artist and designer Loz City. Loz is most known for her ongoing pill-themed collection, titled “Get Well Soon.” Her original collection, first launched in 2019, features authentic OTC pills, capsules, medications, and supplements, which are cast and preserved indefinitely in epoxy resin. Through her public recycling program, individuals can donate their expired and unused over-the-counter pills – which are recycled into art. Besides her original pill collection, Loz City works with various mediums, including woodworking, sculpting, painting, and graphic art. Loz City’s street art and pill stickers can be found all around the country.

Thank you so much to Loz City for joining us this week on The Alden Report and sharing her fascinating journey from struggling artist, to successful entrepreneurial artist, to becoming a rising social media star. 

For more information on Loz, you can visit: https://www.lozcity.com/

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