Josh Cary

Episode # 149

Embrace Discomfort and Unfamiliarity and Drop the Excuses

Today I’m joined by business coach, podcast host, speaker, digital media/creative consultant, and entrepreneur Josh Cary. Josh likes to say that he spent 40 years in hiding because he believes that he was hiding every aspect of himself and showing up with a ‘mask’ on in all areas of life trying to gain the approval of everyone else. At 19, he changed his name and entered into, what would become, a 15-year career as a professional actor and filmmaker. However, the applause and external accolades didn’t completely heal his feelings of anxiety and insecurities and he found himself more isolated than ever.

Today, Josh is the co-founder of the On Air Brands company PodMAX, a podcast production and media company that provides training and events catered to entrepreneurs who have a meaningful message to share. Josh is also an accomplished podcast host of two shows with over 200 combined episodes as well as a business coach to entrepreneurs who are ready, willing, and able to say “F That NOISE!” (denying the noise in their head which has been acting as the comfortable excuse for remaining where they are life).Josh helps his clients ‘unmask’ themselves by leading them through poignant, important, and direct questions which result in a profound and honest experience that reveals aspects, desires, and philosophies within them that have been dormant for years.

Thank you so much to Josh joining us this week on The Alden Report.

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