Jordan Montgomery

Episode # 138

Your Next Decision Is the Most Important

Today on this episode of The Alden Report, I’m happy to be joined by prolific keynote speaker and dedicated performance coach fixated on changing lives through growth, Jordan Montgomery. As the owner of Montgomery Companies, his clients include business executives, sports teams, sales organizations, and entrepreneurs. From a small town in Iowa, to a dominant force in the performance coaching industry, Jordan travels the country speaking and coaching professional athletes, sales people and Fortune 500 executives. His genuine, powerful, and inspiring presentations have become nationally recognized. In addition to his work speaking and coaching, Jordan is an accomplished business leader who has managed top-performing sales teams in the financial services industry.

Jordan brings the same high-energy style to this episode as he does to his speaking engagements as he shares unique examples from his own leadership journey and draws us in with his transparent spirit, often sharing his own successes and failures. Jordan walks us through his experience in starting his professional journey and what steps you should take to break through as he did. Adhering to the adage that “repetition is the mother of learning” he says that no job is too small when just starting out. Whether you’re starting off by speaking to a 6th grade dodgeball team or a high school basketball team, you need to jump into those environments with enthusiasm and grow your craft with each experience. He also shares his tips on how to engage potential professional network connections.  

Thank you so much to Jordan Montgomery for joining us on this episode of The Alden Report. 

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