Joel Green

Episode # 197

Do You Go As Hard As You Feel or As Hard As You Can?

This week I’m very happy to welcome to The Alden Report, CEO, Motivational speaker and the National Director of Nike Sports Camps Joel Green. After retiring from professional basketball, Joel founded Pro Level Training, which has become a 7-figure company. He is also an accomplished speaker who has been fortunate to speak to thousands and also deliver his very own TED Talk.

Even with diligent focus on his family and business, Joel also finds time for professional sports/fitness modeling & acting. This has allowed him to be featured in multiple commercials, ads and even a spot on a TV show. He was recently the face of Cheez-It crackers Celebrity Crunch Classic campaign, in which he was solely featured on millions of the brands snack boxes. This was along with features on Famous Amos cookies, Rice Crispy Treats and Pringles packages.

​His ultimate goal is to inspire others with his words and motivate them through his actions. In his newest book, Filtering: The Way To Extract Strength From The Struggle, Joel uncovers his trials, triumphs, and the lessons he extracted using a unique method referred to as “Filtering.” This is the process of extracting the good and essential from our daily occurrences. Instead of continuing to emotionally react to life, you will learn to intelligently respond to it. Utilizing this method will help readers resolve their problems and not revolve them.

Thank you very much to Joel for joining us this week on The Alden Report.

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