Jessi Park

Episode # 192

Do You Have A Good, Better, Best Plan?

This week I am honored to host Jessi Park who is an inspiring and driven entrepreneur with a captivating life and career story. Five years ago, Jessi was dialing aged leads out of Orlando Public Library to try and start her insurance business while also job hunting. Within 8 months she wrote over $1 million in business. Within 1 year, she was making 6 figures and within 3 years she was debt-free, bought her first home, and a 6000 square foot commercial building for her agents to work in. If it isn’t enough that she now is the owner of Inspired Insurance Solutions, a top-rated nationwide brokerage that assists clients in navigating the complex worlds of health, life, Medicare, and annuities, she also has taught the “Good, Better, Best” method to thousands of agents nationwide and helped countless agents start successful careers. Among her many ventures are an upcoming luxury fragrance line and a leather goods line. Entrepreneurship and creativity are something she is genuinely enthusiastic about, and she enjoys speaking to organizations and individuals about the mindset required for success. Outside of her career in insurance and many entrepreneurial endeavors, she is also an internationally collected artist, a keynote speaker, and a certified life coach. She also is the author of the best-selling book Soul Beneficiary, Jessi’s part-memoir, part-industry-guide for people willing to push through the daily grind and build a remarkable career.

Thank you very much to Jessi Park for joining us this week on The Alden Report.

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