Jamie Prickett

Episode # 191

What Does It Take to Build A $50 Million Dollar Business In Eight Years From the Ground Up?

This week I’m very happy to welcome entrepreneur and best-selling author Jamie Prickett to The Alden Report. Jamie is a former freestyle wrestler turned financial advisor who spent ten years struggling to put gas in his car. But the problem wasn’t just Jamie, it had a lot to do with the organization he worked with from the age of twenty-one to thirty-one.

Two years after leaving that company, and now, over the past eight years, Jamie and his wife Lee-Ann “turned over the tables” of the entire insurance and financial services industry. In 2014, they founded Experior Financial Group which now consists of a 1500+ team of well trained and provincially licensed associates available across Canada and the USA specializing in a number of insurance needs. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada and Cheektowaga, New York USA, Experior Financial Group Executives cumulatively boast hundreds of years in the financial industry. 

Thank you very much to Jamie Prickett for joining us this week on The Alden Report.