Tipping The Scales In Your Favor

by Joshua Denne

Success is a journey and never a destination. It can be elusive. It can be overwhelming and sometimes underwhelming. It can be fleeting and it can be long-lasting. The true measure of a human being is not necessarily what they accumulate, achieve, or accomplish, but rather who they become and maintain being throughout the highs and lows of their personal journey. Josh Denne has take 20 years of lessons learned from the edge of entrepreneurship and making and losing and re-making millions of dollars and put them all into a framework for success that is easy to implement and understand, and proven beyond any shadow of any doubt to work for anyone who chooses to apply it. Life and business are in a constant flux and often times the scales of balance can seem to be working against you even as you expend tremendous effort. it is time to tip those scales in your favor and this book will show you how.

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