I Come Before You

by Devell Hawkins

It felt like a compound run by a dictatorship in the streets of Lakeland, Florida. The home of crime where neighborhoods are infested with drug dealers, prostitutes, and thieves. A place where only the strong survive and nobody can be trusted. Toy, a young drug-dealer with a boss mentality tries to earn his respect in the game. With a few young goons on his team, it doesn’t take long before he becomes a force, controlling the entire neighborhood. But the flashy lifestyle he lived could be a big mistake, as older hustlers plot his demise. Such a plot would lead to a war only bloodshed could settle. Kill or be killed, hunt or be hunted was the attitude of the young goons. Toy always believed, the more money, the more power, but when unexpected chaos occurs, it will determine who is built for the streets, and who is not. Will the patience of the older hustlers prevail? Are the young goons really who they claim to be? Or, will Toy find out in this type of game you can only be loyal to yourself? Follow Devell L. Hawkins, as he takes you through the streets of Lakeland, Florida where you play by your own rules…

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